Telephone Number Management (TNM)

TNM is a Rules-Based Telephone Number Inventory Administration and Reporting system that is fully compliant with current INC guidelines and FCC NRO standards. TN Manager can tell you if your TN is owned, a partner number (from your underlying CLEC); ported or even Toll Free. TNM is designed to help communications service providers:

  • Efficiently manage valuable Telephone Number resources.
  • Track Numbers in accordance with FCC mandated categories & sub-categories
  • Auto generate and electronically submit FCC-mandated reports (i.e. NRUF, Usage reports)  & production profiles.
  • Protect business operations against disruptive regulatory audits by complying to FCC mandates and published NANPA standards

Features of TN Mangement

TN Management offers a full Lifecycle management platform (reservation, activation, disconnect, aging etc.) to effectively manage your Telephone number inventory more cost effectively. TNM gives you on-demand utilization reports for TN forecasting and ability to monitor and comply with all FCC mandates

  • Central Repository for the Management of Telephone Number Inventory      
  • Integrates with LEC Existing CRM system
  • Automatically Generates   & Submits Mandatory NRUF Reports to the NANPA          
  • Generates and Stores FCC-mandated Auditing Information
  • Thousands-Block Number Pooling Support    
  • Local Number Portability (LNP) Support
  • Extensive Code/Block/Customer Reporting Capabilities
  • Full administrator control over code/block opening and closing          
  • Supports non-standard utilization percentages (by rate center) as required by state commissions
  • Enforces industry-regulated reservation and aging intervals   
  • Full support for the aging and snapback administration process
  • Tracks user/systems activities and completion dates associated with TN activations, disconnects, suspensions, port in/outs, etc.

Benefits of TN Managment:

  • Configurable Dashboard with on demand utilization report for TN planner
  • Full Web services API to integrate to OSS, CRM,  SOA or other application to receive and submit requests or notifications
  • Fully integrated with DSET’s SOA application to auto manage ported TN lifecycle
  • Historical view of individual telephone number lifecycle
  • NANPA and National Pooling Compliance reporting
  • High Availability Database support