Providers of telecommunications services are faced with numerous challenges associated with operating their networks in the most cost-effective and efficient manner while conforming to industry standards and government mandates. As service providers continue to seek ways to maximize the value of their networks from both a technological and economic standpoint, utilizing the appropriate operational support system (OSS) solutions can have a significant impact on a company’s financial well being as well as its ability to meet FCC directives.

DSET understands the economic and time constraints faced by today’s providers of telecom services. Facing the daily pressure associated with processing number port, directory listings orders and access ordering, organizations...

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In today’s competitive telecom landscape, the ability to quickly and correctly provision services for customers is critical for survival and success. Service providers, though, have often relied on manual processes that can be fraught with inaccuracies, while others have attempted to build their own solutions or utilize a patchwork of products. Ultimately, these approaches fall short and deliver little value as these players seek the best ways to address number portability and directory listing order challenges as well as other provisioning responsibilities. Read More »