The IPSource™ software platform provides a network-wide, policy-based, scalable solution for provisioning a wide variety of services on IP-based networks. IPSource simplifies complex operations by completely automating the way in which service providers provision and offer services.

IP Source MPLS

MPLS IP-VPN is a carrier-class provisioning solution designed to address the operational needs of carriers and other service providers. Built on the IPSource platform— a powerful, highly scalable, next-generation provisioning solution— IPSource MPLS VPN service enables providers to rapidly and accurately provision MPLS IP-VPN services for their customers by automating the entire service creation and activation process across multi-vendor networks.

With the use of IPSource MPLS VPN service, providers can now offer end-to-end service activation for VPNs with QoS. In addition, IPSource MPLS VPN enables carriers to offer differentiated classes of service, allowing them to increase their value- added revenues. It provides a rich set of interfaces for integration with existing and new carrier deployments.

  • Real-time and error-free MPLS IP-VPN service provisioning. All router configurations on both provider-edge (PE) and customer-edge (CE) are automatically handled.
  • Multi-vendor support prevents vendor lock-in.
  • Supports various VPN topologies including mesh, hub-spoke and central services.
  • True Transaction support through rollback in case of a router update failure.
  • Support for QoS and differentiated classes of service (CoS)
  • Supports managed and unmanaged customer edge routers with QoS/COs activation.
  • Support for Frame Relay customers.
  • Built-in Resource Management feature allows: auto-allocation and management of resources like IP Address, Route distinguishers and Route targets.
  • APIs for integration with other systems, including order entry, fault, performance, and billing systems.
  • Significant reduction in operational risk and cost through the automation of service activation and management.

Some of the benefits of IPSource Solutions are:

  • Rapidly roll out new services
  • Activate services IMMEDIATELY, not in days or weeks
  • Substantially reduce operating costs
  • Expand the potential of your network to generate new revenues